by Skye Warren

Brandishing an emotional edge that cuts deep this, deceptively seductive read was a fabulous surprise.
I had anticipated the story would be gripping, what I hadn’t anticipated was the fact that it would be the depth of emotion that would steal the show.
Harper was regrettably relatable, a woman who for the most part initially appeared to be barely keeping her head above water most of the time, life appearing to do its utmost to break her, but she was nothing if not resilient.
I applaud the author for a face paced, beautifully written book that took a difficult subject matter to task and refused to let it have its own way, she dealt the pain and passion of Harper up in such a way as to encourage the reader to take on board everything that was happening and join with Harper as she tackled her turmoil.
I loved the journey that Harper took, the connection and interaction with both Christopher and Sutton and most of all, I was happy that by the time the story reaches its conclusion, Harper had her man…who that was…well you will need to read the book to find that out for yourself!

Topic: THE EVOLUTION OF MAN by Skye Warren

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