Gods and Monsters by Jani Kay


There is little I can say about how wrapped up I am in all things Jani Kay and the magnificence that is Ryder, but in this the latest instalment of the Scorpio Stingers MC Series, it is not my main obsession that takes centre stage – it is club president Cobra’s chance to tell his story and I have to say that he had me engrossed.

This is an out and out journey to the heart of the MC, one that pulls no punches in its delivery and one that will grip you from the first until the last word.

Cobra and his twin brother Daemon are about as far removed as siblings could ever be, let alone twins, there is little to distinguish them as being from the same race let alone the same parentage, in fact Daemon and his twisted mental acumen are barely human.

I love the fact that the story recalls and reminisces from the beginning of their journey in life, right through to the conclusion of the situation with Jamie and everything in between.

It was fantastic to see just how important the other guys were even early on to Cobra and to know that as hard has he may have tried, he has always been connected to Ryder in a way that Daemon could have only longed for – blood in this case is definitely not thicker than water. The bond of the MC brotherhood is far more enduring.

The club and their dealings mean that Cobra is included and groomed from an early age to succeed his father as President, much to Daemon’s disgust and when he starts to accompany his dad on their business south of the border he encounters a temptation that he will have to wait years for.

This is the story of the lengths that any man – no sorry, the right man is prepared to go to have the woman that holds his heart –Cobra first encountered Mia (not her given name) when she was just a mere slip of a girl, while he was only a few years older she was definitely off limits but when he gets wind of her father’s intensions for her, he determines to take action to save the girl that his heart tells him belongs to him.

Fortunately she feels the same and in a journey that seems to be fraught with both danger and subterfuge, he takes on the worst that the world has to offer – heaped upon him in no uncertain measure by his psychopathic brother.

I hated Daemon but then again that is no surprise, ever since at the end of book two when he kidnapped Jamie and eluded to the fact that he was Jamie’s father – I have despised the man, but in this I formed a much darker hatred toward him.

I found it abhorrent that he was prepared to treat those that were his family in such a manner, the way he used Cobra and tormented him was beyond cruel and all for nothing more than self-gratification. The way he abused Mia and Jamie in order to again punish Cobra was quite simply… oh I have no words, it was simply shameful but the way that Jani strung all my hate together and handed him over to me was nothing short of brilliant. She hung him out to dry and allowed me to exorcise the sort of anger that in everyday life it is very hard to understand.

The whole club have their part to play and it was fabulous to have them all in the palm of my hand again – I even liked that Harrison was back in on the act – I am sure there is a good guy in there somewhere.

But this was not the run of the mill MC book – it was a story of pain and suffering, of loss and betrayal but of love and loyalty. Of doing what it takes to keep those you value most in the world safe and of being man enough to stand up for your family in whatever guise that takes – friendship be damned these guys are more family that most will ever know.

I adore Ryder and in this while he is ever present he is not the main focus and while my world will always better with a bit more Ryder, I fully understand the need to deflect from the man and his dominancy for a little while but please Jani, don’t make me wait too long for him next time!