Accelerate by Tracy Wolff


There is an urban saying that says - Drive it like you stole it!

And this came off the starting line following that premise to the absolute max. It left nothing behind and left me with a book hangover for longer than I had anticipated.

Jordan is on the search for Raul, and she is at the drag site looking for him. Now I wasn’t sure what to make of Jordan initially she seemed to be a little more naive than her surroundings would have encouraged. But having just bought a wreck from a police auction, she was at the only place she knew that she could find the man she could afford to fix up her car’s interior.

Now, this dalliance into the underworld of illegal meets and races was an eye-opener for Jordan as was the inimitable Raul but she had her eyes fixed when she caught her first glimpse of the delicious Nic Medina, this man was one seriously delicious man but owning one of the hottest custom shops in town meant that not only were his services way out of her league but so was he.

The minute, no forget that the second they connect the attraction was off the charts and they hadn’t actually physically met yet, well their eyes had over a crowd – does that count?

So the events of the evening leave an impression of them both but the events of the evening have got more in store for the both and they are about to come face to face under the most unfortunate of circumstances.

Nic is left with no option but to carry out a crime, when his family – his sister an nephew are threatened by a corrupt member of the local law enforcement. He has history with Nic and knowing full well that he has the clout to send Nic back to jail, he takes the lessor of the two evils that stand before him and sets off to boost the car that is required. Shame that car and Jordan’s just happen to be one in the same and it is even worse when the aforesaid Jordan catches him in the act!

Well really it would have been jaw dropping had it not been so funny, her reaction had me smiling, this feisty woman wasn’t ready to let this rich garage owner take her heap of s**t, because after all it was all she had and all she could afford!

If he wanted her car then he was going to have to take her with him… guess what? Yep… add kidnapping to his list of felonies!

While the situation was far from ideal, Nic needed time to think so he took her back to garage and introduced her to his team. I could practically hear the wheels turning in her head, surely you don’t kidnap someone, take them to your place of work, introduce them to your friends and family and then offer to feed them. Something was not right with this whole scenario and the curious Jordan was keen to know exactly what the heck was happening and she wasn’t going to take any old flannel…she wanted the truth.

So from this point they set about finding a way to bring down the dirty cop but could they find out what secrets the car held in time to keep the cop off their back and what the heck is going on when Jordan finds herself in an interrogation room.

The book flew along at an exorbitant speed and I loved every minute of it. The super-fast relationship that developed between Nic and Jordan the depth and honesty that despite their beginning they developed, the fact that she was willing to share her past with him and the love that he showered on her had me swooning.

I loved Nic, I thought Jordan was a really strong female lead character in what had the potential to be a male heavy story but the women in the story (including Nic’s sister) more than held their own.

But there is more going on than they are aware of and despite the fact that they finally find the end of the road with their current tormentor – you will have to read to find out how – it is a very just serving of justice, the next hurdle has just walked through the garage door and I am now itching to get my hands on book 2

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