Until June by Aurora Rose Reynolds

This series has been like slipping into the booth with friends at the bar, it’s comfortable. I feel at home with the characters that Aurora has given me and I don’t think I am ever really ready to finish reading.

This is June and Evan’s story and while I initially thought that they were going to be the epitome of a whirlwind romance, I was soon to be sadly reminded that life is exactly like the proverbial box of chocolates because just when I had my hopes up, it was over and both they and I were left picking up the pieces of what might have been.

June did what she could to move on, she tried, really she did and I hated the fact that I could almost feel her misery through the screen of my kindle. She was a broken woman, held captive by a heart that refused to play by the rules and when she started to find the courage to pick up the pieces and move on she was dealt what I can only say was a harsh and hurtful blow.

So it was now a case of once bitten, twice shy…and this time June is putting her heart in a very safe place, carefully locked away. When it comes to men, she is done, she isn’t willing to put herself through that emotional pain ever again.

But isn’t there a saying about never saying never…well I think she might have wanted to heed that little chestnut because when Evan turns up, making it perfectly clear that he is not willing to pay one jot of notice to what she has to say and is determined that she will give him a chance to prove that he deserves a second chance.

Now, I think that Evan hid his real self well behind a wall of bravado because what he has been through, the things he has been through and the things he had done while he has been away weigh heavy on his heart and soul but he can’t change the past when it comes to war but that won’t stop him waging war on June. He will stop at nothing to have her back.

I loved his determination, the fact that he was willing to move heaven and earth to prove that she could trust him and that at all costs, she was his. He would love her no matter her reticence.

I must say when Aurora Rose Reynolds writes a hero, she goes all out. They may not be perfect but they leave nothing in the tank, they are alpha to the core!

But is his determination enough? Can June see her way to a happiness that will be everything she ever dreamed of or will it all end in misery…well what do you think?

An emotionally beautiful book that will have you crying tears of both joy and misery.

Topic: Until June by Aurora Rose Reynolds

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