Snare by Marata Eros

I am not a fan of step “whatever” stories and I usually avoid them but this one was a little different and that pulled me in.

The book didn’t take long to whip through and while I sometimes feel that I have missed something along the way in a short book, I didn’t get that impression here, the book was well rounded and the characters certainly had their chance to tell their story.

Snare and Sara both suffered at the hands of a monster growing up and more so Snare as he battled to keep her safe, as the feelings that he harboured continued to grow. But when the two of them finally gave in and had their moment, little did they know that it would be their last.

Loving Sara from the minute that her mom and her moved in meant that he knew that protecting her was what he need to do but when she walked away from him she might have well cut his heart out and taken it with her because she pulled a cloud of darkness over his soul that he did nothing to shake off. If he couldn’t have her then he didn’t want anyone, although that didn’t stop him bedding any and every one that he wanted but none of them could fill the Sara shape void.

When it is made clear about why Sara was leaving, I was in two minds as to how I felt about it. I got that he had spent years protecting her and that given the details he would chose her over himself every time and that she was putting him first this time and giving him the opportunity to have a future that he not only had planned but that she wanted for him so much. But it seemed so unfair, she knew how he felt and by leaving she was hurting the one person that had shown her unconditional love…I didn’t get it.

Five years pass and neither of them have forgotten what they shared and they are living lives that could be so much more if they were together. Sara is struggling to juggle all her commitments and her work as stripper and despite the pressures that she was under I have to say that I admired the integrity she showed, she refused to break, a will of steel meant that she would stop at nothing to achieve her goals, but the same could very well be said for snare because he couldn’t let it lie any longer so he roped Noose in and put wheels in motion, determined to track her down.

It soon become apparent that they are not the only ones trying to track her down, Snare’s perverted father Riker has her in his sights again and so the race is on and his need to protect her is back with a vengeance but when he eventually does track her down and finally lay eyes on her it couldn’t be at a worse time, talk about timing being everything …I think Sara may just have wanted the world to stop turning.

But now it is a case of what to do with the feelings that they still have for each other, all the while handling the sh**storm that is going on around them. The MC is up to its eyes in deals and danger and Snare has a job to do that he cannot turn his back on but he wants more of Sara so when past, present and future appear to be on a collision course the ensuing chaos was always going to be epic!

I was not disappointed; it wasn’t just epic it was absolutely spectacular!

A smart, sexy little read that for lovers of a smart sexy mouth, over protective biker and a sassy strong willed woman will tick all the boxes.


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