Promises After Dark

by Kahlen Aymes


I posted a little teaser last week, making my plea for the fact that as great as this book is and PLEASE let me emphasise that this book is great… I honestly believe that the story has more to tell.

The Characters haven’t finished and I am desperate to hear them finish there tale. PLEASE!

Well, that is my plea made, so back to this book and what was it like, well you know the score, after the last book, we have been left with a state of constant anguish hanging over both Angel and Alex, their mutual nemesis Swanson is pivotal in the story and revels in their pain but the fool is deluded if he for one second believes that Alex will allow anything to happen to Angel, this man is so Alpha he could give lessons!

He is almost psychotic when it comes to keeping Angel safe, nothing and no-one will get in his way, and Swanson is carefully placed himself in Alex’s line of fire and he will do whatever it takes to take him down, once and for all.

I loved the intensity that was portrayed around the situation with Swanson, the impact that they couldn’t escape and the measures that were required to keep everyone out of harm’s way. 

I thought this book enabled me to appreciate the delicate work that was laid in the previous novels, it allowed me to draw my own conclusions and allowed me time to understand that as deep as they thought their love was for each other, it was nothing until it had been tested and then and only then was it unbreakable.

I love the fact that Angel is a serious challenge to Alex, someone that can play him at his own game and is as good as equal to him in society, a respected member of the legal profession who can hold his court anytime she pleases, because when it comes to Angel, Alex Avery is lost, Hook, Line and Sinker! 

As much I could appreciate Angel’s character it was Alex that held my attention, he was simply the most delectable human being, he worships his woman and would walk over hot coals to keep her safe, and with Swanson on their trail he may just have too.

Fiercely protective, sometimes his devotion could cloud his judgement but that was a positive to the story, it showed his vulnerability, the fact that fear and emotion makes us do things that maybe aren’t always the smartest step to take but over which we have absolutely no control, instinct kicks in and you become a passenger on the ride, hoping that you and those you love will still be in one piece when you get to the end.

When Alex reaches out for someone to have his back when the situation with Swanson gets desperate, I have to say that I was slightly shocked at the measures that he was prepared to take and the associates that he took in to his confidence in order to achieve them.

From the first paragraph of the first book, it has been blatantly obvious that if ever two people we meant to be together it was Angel and Alex, they bring out the best in each other and despite the uncertainty that initially surrounded their ability to accept the inexplicable draw that seemed to tether them to each other, I have to say that in this book, they are a pleasure to read, they have this relationship under control and are simply awesome together.


Fabulous work Kahlen.