Chasing the Dragon by T K Leigh


Five stars is never going to be enough!

This was superb, it had it all and it had it in spades… I think the hangover from this one may take a while to get over.

Tyler and MacKenzie, oh my lord they were just everything I could have possibly hoped for, amazing.

The story was so emotional, but that was the mere tip of the iceberg because it had everything but the kitchen sink included between the first and last page. It was a fast, spicy but funny read that had elements of both mystery and intrigue woven with consummate ease between each and every smoulderingly hot page.

MacKenzie needs one thing in her life, complete control. She examines and dissects every little thing in her life, events in her past have made her that way and she has absolutely no intension of ever changing.

I understood why she was like that but was praying that she would find someone to let her loosen the reigns and live a little, I didn’t have to wait long and TK Leigh answered my prayers when she unleashed the deliciousness that was Tyler Burnham and although his initial intensions were far from being as honourable as I would have wanted, I could forgive him anything… come on ladies he was just glorious!!!

The two of them together may have been never on the cards but when they eventually got together they were destined to hit the stratosphere, and I was clapping them all the way.

Chasing the Dragon will leave you chasing your tail, it will leave you gasping for air and with the need to have a long lie down in a very dark room.