Falling Deep Into You by Terra Kelly


Some combinations are just meant to be – Gin and Tonic, Strawberries and Cream and after finishing this book – I am adding cop and rock god because Miles Callahan – I love him!

Miles is a cop and really good one at that but he is also the front man for the rock band Torn Pieces, seriously what is there not to love about that scenario!

When a drugs bust goes tragically wrong, Miles is left not only in hospital but he loses his best friend. A loss that was not easy to take.

Miles meets Preslie while he is re-cooperating in hospital when she is assigned to his ward. There is a connection between the two of them but their lives are complicated, neither of them are particularly in a place to be anything more than friends.

Miles is still married, but for how much longer I couldn’t help but wonder because what he learns while he is hospital means that his relationship might not stand the test of time. Preslie on the other hand is in a who different pace, she is young free and single or she should be after calling a halt to her relationship with David, but he has a little bit of the lunatic in him and despite appearing to accept the end of their time together, he seems to tipping over the end at the minute and Preslie is constantly looking over her shoulder.

I was left with so many questions that I am desperate for the next book – I need it like yesterday… please!!!!

Will Miles call time on his marriage?

Will David get a grip on reality and finally accept that Preslie has moved on?

And moreover, what lies in store for Miles and Preslie?

I liked this book, I loved the pace, the angst and the anticipation. It is an emotional rollercoaster, it will make you laugh and cry but it will leave you looking around for answers and counting the days until you can get the next book.

Topic: Falling Deep Into You by Terra Kelly

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