Beyond the Cage by Alana Sapphire

"A superior man is modest in speech, but exceeds in his actions." I love this!!!!

This quote is just perfect for Cameron, he lets his actions speak volumes, both inside the ring where his opponents rightly fear him and outside where a certain Jasmine, absorbs his every thought.

I thought their initial meeting was very sweet if a teeny bit clichéd but cool your heels ladies, it  didn’t temper my enthusiasm, if anything it piqued it.

Having a night out with her friend at fight night Jasmine meets Cameron and despite the fact that she just couldn’t keep her eyes off him and the fact that when they are left alone they share a unanticipated kiss, she is soon back peddling and refusing to get caught up in the whole circus that surrounds him.

Every the silent type, I think from that meeting I got a measure of the man Cameron would turn out to be, because he took what she said when she walked way and said, absolutely nothing!

I do love the strong silent type…he was going to keep not only Jasmine but me as the reader on my toes and I just couldn’t wait.

I thought it was sweet that he followed her home, some might not have thought so but it I just found it genuine and really engaging.

When they eventually find their way to a relationship I have to say that I was rooting for them, all the way! It was never going to smooth sailing there are external influences that are more than able to create mountains out of molehills and to do everything they can to ensure that what they have doesn’t go the distance but Cameron doesn’t lose, he is a champ and this is one fight that he is no intension of defeating him and luckily for him Jasmine has the same determination, they are perfect together.

Cameron was completely enigmatic and the fact that he was very reflective and verging on being almost verbally non communicative for much of the book only increased the attraction, sometimes you really don’t need words to communicate what you are thinking and feeling and Cameron could very well have been the poster boy for that particular scenario… I loved him, really he was the perfect guy, only saying what needed to be said, not adding unnecessarily to a situation or complicating anything with unwarranted word, silence can be misconstrued but in his case there was no need to doubt his silence it was when he was forced to action that you needed to take heed.

As a standalone book, this is one that will be on the repeat visit list. I found the story held my attention, and kept my eyes travelling along each and every line, I was so proud of myself…I didn’t skip one single word and that is no mean feat!

Topic: Beyond the Cage by Alana Sapphire

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