Three Broken Promise by Monica Murphy



Three Broken Promises - One Week Girlfriend Quartet by Monica Murphy

Book 3 in this series - the book centres on Jen and Colin, who we are introduced to in the second book of the series.

Jen is Fable's best friend and Colin is her boss and was her brother Danny's best friend.

The chemistry is definately there between these two but history is wedge that is driving them apart. Colin made promises to Danny and his family that he feels he has been unable to keep and now that Danny is dead he has placed Jen out of reach - he has to protect her and look after her like he promised her brother - the fact he wants more is irrelevant to him - he has to keep his promise.

Jen has wanted Colin for years but hasn't the bottle to give in to her desire - she also is certain thaht Colin has no feelings for her - he sees her as a little sister - just Danny's little sister!. Determined to leave her past behind she decides to move on and leave Colin behind.

Jen has a history that has seen her do whatever it has taken to survive - she spent time working at a strip club ( from where Colin resued her) and other events that she doesnt want to come back to haunt her are threatening to rear emerge. She feels that a fresh start in anew town is just what is needed - it's a shame that she has to run in order to get what she wants.

Facing the real possibility that Jen will leave him and start again somewhere else - Colin is hurting but emotionally bereft he doesn't know where to start to win the woman he loves.

Fortitude and determination on both of their parts sees them both fail and suceed with their plans, Jen leaves Colin only to be faced with a disasterous situation that has her homeless in less that 24 hours but having realised his mistake - Colin is already on his way to find her and take her home - letting her knwo that he is not prepared to live without her.

The twists and turns in some places are predictable and the story over all is not as good at the previous 2 novels but it is a welcome addition to the series.

Rating 3.5 out of 5