Sex Material

by Victoria Ashley

If you love a friend to lovers’ book, then I implore you to stop looking because this is one of the best ones, I’ve read this year. Honestly, I was in desperate need of a fan for much of the story it was scorching!

Jensen was a class one jerk, the sort of guy that you honestly wonder WTF! He was everything I both love and hate in a man and as much as his arrogance gave me cause for concern much of the time, I couldn’t help but find him ultimately more engaging than I thought I would, but I will admit that the fact he was a sexy as sin might have had something to do with that little chestnut!

Cami deserved a  proper man, one who would love her unconditionally after what she had been through with her ex and with Jensen at first glance she had found anything but a perfect gentleman but what you need always seems to turn up just when you need it most and for Cami, it soon became clear that Jensen was what she needed and that was very much reciprocated because despite the rough and readiness of his outward persona, Jensen was a guy who used his past as a shield to isolate himself almost but with Cami, he was going to have to learn to let the real Jensen out to play sometimes and leave the brashness behind him a little more often.

With some seriously sizzling sex scenes, this left nothing to chance, it was fantastically combustible”

With enough angst and attitude to sink a battleship this waring pair had so much fire that I simply couldn’t get enough of them.

Keep an extinguisher to hand, this will set your kindle alight!


Topic: Sex Material by Victoria Ashley

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