Serenading the Shadows

by Jodie Larson


From the blurb alone I knew this was a book that I was going to have to read with a box of tissues by my side, so I made sure I was prepared and while the book was emotional I found that I wasn’t a blubbering mess for most of it, that is not to say that I didn’t need the tissues at all…I did.

It doesn’t feel right saying that Kade and Adrienne’s relationship was a “journey” it wasn’t it was so much more it was an evolution.

The story was so strong, so deep, so emotionally touching that when the author pitched it up a notch with a hint of angst and attitude I was bowled over.

As their story unfolded it was difficult not to become consumed by the path that they were on, the feelings that the book gave me as I read each page might have been fabulous but it wasn’t without heartache, Adrienne…oh wow!

I was aghast at what this woman had not only been through but continued to be affected by, of what she had overcome so far and for what I could see was still left for her to work through.

The connection between Kane and Adrienne was so special, she was able to express herself with him, the way music was her medium, her method of choice, the conductor that she was able to use to let him see not only what she was thinking and feeling but also the real her.

Music soothed her soul and her ability to share that with Kade was making her heart happy and that made me happy!

Kade, well I’ll be damned, this is the guy they need to clone for the rest of us, he had everything that a man needs to have to love and support his woman and he had it is spades, there was nothing he wasn’t willing to do for Adrienne, no way that he wasn’t willing to support her and no stone that he would leave unturned to ensure that she had her chance to shine, to shake free of the past. His sexy soul belonged to her and I was delighted because this sexy as sin rocker was writing his own rule book and doing it with a charming alpha streak that was impossible to resist.

Topic: Serenading the Shadows by Jodie Larson

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