by Elizabeth Reyes

Ladies welcome to the creative magnificence that is Elizabeth Reyes, because if you haven’t read any of her previous works, this the start of her latest series is going to have you reaching for the one-click button to snap them all up,

Lila is book one in the Boyle Height series and it gets off the ground with a bang, this is nothing timid about this story just as there is nothing lightweight about Lila herself, she is the perfect heroine.

The author turned the heat up with Lila, because she is everything you would think you would get from a leading man, she’s a boxer, yep straight up a fighter by definition both in and out of the ring.

Lila doesn’t suffer fools gladly, she protects those that matter most to her and getting in her way is a risk that only the brave would only undertake…so up step Sonny!

The connection between the two of them was so full on, that as it took off and began to flourish I was aware of fact that there was no way I was going to get through them being together completely unscathed. I understood their passion, and because of that I had a vested interest in them being happy.

I liked the fact that they both got to tell their story, I also liked that both points of view were given equal importance but as the book drew to a close I felt them slipping away almost, I thought that the set up for the next book almost surpassed them and that was a shame.

As I expect with Ms Reyes, this book was beautifully written and the relationship between Sonny and Lila was pitched to absolute perfection. This may be just the start but I am already looking forward to the next book and to see what the author dreams up for the inhabitants of Boyle Heights.

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