Dirty Secret

by Mira Lyn Kelly

This brought all the emotions to the party and let them loose, and I will admit I was really surprised that the story was able to make me feel the way it did.
I am a huge sports romance fan, especially when the sport in question is hockey but this was completely different from the hockey romances I have read before…woohoo!
Greg and Vaughan are fierce rivals, sportsmen who when they were on opposite teams had a more than a healthy level of contempt for each other but little did Greg know that the little sister he adores has a secret, because not only has she always had a crush about Vaughn…nope, she managed one better than just a crush, nope she got her night of passion with the man of her dreams and left him high and dry afterward.
Natalie may have thought she had escaped any awkwardness after slipping away from Vaughn but when he gets traded to her brother's team, it was only a matter of time before their rivalry morphed into so much more because sleeping with your new Captains little sister is just about enough to launch Greg into orbit…Oh Oh!!
Vaughn had no idea who she was, I mean she left giving him nothing other than a fake name and a smile on his face but it doesn’t take him long to piece it all together and despite the possible difficulties that their dalliance may have on his career and his relationship with Greg, he just can’t keep away from Natalie.
I loved the humour that the book had, it brought a huge smile to my face numerous times.
The author smashed it!

Topic: Dirty Secret by Mira Lyn Kelly

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