Tempt The Boss

by Natasha Madison

I liked Lauren and Austin and I thought that the author presented a topic that whilst not completely unique was certainly handled with a touch that few before could say that they have dealt with in the same manner.

I loved the style used to bring the story to life, the author waded in thick and heavy with humour and I thought that, that made the whole thing absolutely sparkle.  

While some office romance stories are easy to understand or to even second guess, I thought that this was a little more involved. This is an accomplished work by an author that doesn’t just use every trick in the book, nope she brandishes them.

I adored the way she gave both Lauren and Austin a voice and encouraged them to bounced off each other, they brought out the best (and worst) in each other and whilst some of their japes and banter was a little near the knuckle, I thought the author erred somewhat on the cautious side of engagement and for me that kept me captivated.

Their progress towards a “them” was handled fabulously and it was almost a slow awaking of the fact that they were better together than they had been apart.

This wasn’t a story that gave me characters that were in a rush to fall, no, this was more of a piecing together of two lives that meshed perfectly.

Topic: Tempt The Boss by Natasha Madison

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