Sarah Starting Over by MJ Greenaway

This may be just over a hundred pages but the author packs a lot into this sharp little book.

I was completely captivated by the story, it had more than just romance on offer, it had a good old fashioned mystery to solve and piecing together the clues were Sarah and Greyson.

Sarah is still reeling following the death of her husband but what exactly happened is a nagging doubt that seems to plague her very existence. She is determined that come hell or high water that she will find out if it was murder or suicide, hardly a task that she should or would have ever wanted to undertake but she needs to know, not only for her own peace of mind but also for his little boy.

I admired her tenacity, her fortitude and her sheer dogged determination but could she piece together the clues in what was a far from easy event.

Life as a single mother, let alone a widow is tough but she does what she has to in order to make it through each day. It’s while she is at work in the local donut shop that she meets Greyson.

Now I wasn’t sure that him being in the shop and eventually agreeing to help her sort through the events of her husband’s death was a mere coincidence but I might have been reading too much into the situation because this seriously sexy P. I. was just who she needed.

I liked Greyson and I really liked the friendship that blossomed between the two of them, they were more alike that I had anticipated. Greyson had suffered in his past and he needed Sarah almost as much as she was willing to lean on him.

Could they find the truth? What would their investigations uncover and how far were they willing to go?

Was friendship all that they had to give to each other or could they find a way to something more?

Like I said this smart little novel was a really good read.

Topic: Sarah Starting Over by MJ Greenaway

Date: 13/04/2016

By: MJ Greenway

Subject: Thanks!

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