Two Worlds Colliding By Jani Kay


Two Worlds Colliding by Jani Kay

Book One in The Scorpio Stinger MC, a tale of romance against the odds.

Please Note –it is imperative that you read Ryder (Scorpions MC, #0.5) before you begin this novel, Two Worlds Colliding continues exactly where Ryder finishes and Ryder contains the background material that ensures you understand the essence of this story.

If ever there was a case of the heart wanting what it wants and to hell with circumstances, then this is it.

Life has never played fair with Ryder Knox and when it puts the love of his life in front of him, it’s not making it easy either. Jade Summers is everything that Ryder Knox isn’t but she is also everything that he wants. The book shows us that despite the curveball, sometimes you just have to go with your heart and to hell with the consequences.

Jade has lead and continues to lead a privileged life. Her father is a successful lawyer and she is well on her way to following his footsteps. All she wants is a man to love her like she is the centre of his universe– she finds just that with the foul mouthed, inked up bad ass biker that is Ryder Knox and it sweeps both of them off their feet.

But what chance do you stand when life is conspiring against you.

Jade’s knows that her family will never accept Ryder, VP of the Scorpio Stingers MC. It is not only her parents that will have a hissy fit but her brother Harrison is a Special Op’s police officer, who following a tragic incident involving two motorcycle gangs that changed the direction of his life, has an unhealthy hatred of everything and everyone MC related. Harrison is driven by grief and is harbouring a bit of a death wish if truth be told but with nothing to fight for but a lifelong hatred of what he believes the likes of Ryder took from him - He is just mad enough to kill Ryder and anyone else from the MC that gets in his way.

But Jade has been a good girl all her life, never given them any cause for concern but she wants Ryder and has to make a decision on how to keep her family  happy and moreover, how to keep Ryder in her life.

Ryder on the other hand faces “family” issues of his own. The MC are his family, they are all he has ever known and the trouble that Jade can bring with her in the shape of her brother if he continues his relationship with her, could destroy the club and this is pointed out in no uncertain terms by the club President Cobra.

Cobra gives Ryder a directive that for the safety of the club, he has to give Jade up and faced with the unenviable decision of choosing between the guys he has come to rely on or taking a chance and maybe even finding a family of his own with Jade,he really feels that he has no choice at all and my heart broke for both of them at this point.

Love can be a cruel mistress but the trouble with love is it might catch you unawares as it did with Jade and Ryder but it is also a tenacious bitch and will not be shook off easily, where there is a will there most definitely a way and love will find it!!!

The love between these two may be primal but it is complete. Jade knows that her man would die for her, she truly is the centre of his universe and Ryder has finally met a woman that sees past the package that he presents to the world and sees what is inside and loves and accepts him, warts and all!!

Between them they have to accept that what they have is definitely worth fighting for.

There are a couple of important points in the book that are not centred on Jade and Ryder’s relationship but which I think will be pivotal in the upcoming books in the series. But Primarily ,we get a bolt from the blue that relates directly to Ryder and his family – I think this may be a catalyst when it comes to braking down some of Jade’s family prejudices – might be wrong but can't wait to see how that unfolds..

I found the writing style to be competent and direct, the language is colourful but that is to be expected in this genre. I felt some things were skipped over and some situations could have been looked at in more depth but overall it was a great read and has me waiting for the continuation of Jade and Ryder’s story in the next novel Unchain my Heart, due for release on 1st July 2014

Rating 4 out of 5