Rusty Nail

by Lani Lynn Vale

We got a sneaky glimpse of Wolf in one of the earlier books in this series, so it is no secret that he has been through the wringer, suffering an almost unbearable loss when his pregnant wife and unborn child were murdered., chuck in the fact that he lost his best friend that day also, it is no mean feat that he is still functioning…but is he or is he just going through the motions?

Wolf is a good guy, he has taken on the role of single father, raising Nathan, the young son of his slain friend while he maintains his career in law enforcement and his involvement with the Uncertain Saints, but that is just how he likes it, keeping busy mean she has no time to dwell on the evil that has touched every aspect of his life and now is no exception.

The rescue of his sister July and Raven from a trafficking ring may have ended but the trial has kicking things off again and Raven isn’t willing to hang around any longer, the memories are too painful and the way she feels about Wolf is unrequited (or so she thinks) so she gathers up her stuff and high tails it out of town and to a fresh start.

Little does she know that this Wolf is far from ready to let her go because the way she feels is only a fraction of how he feels about her. Wolf may have tried to deny the feelings he has for Raven but it’s a lost cause, so calling time on his current relationship (my mutual consent) he must find a way to not only find Raven, since she cleared off without telling anyone where she was going but now that someone is playing silly beggars with the lives of those who were involved in the trial but to also keep her safe. He can’t afford to lose someone else that he cares about.

There is so much pain between the two of them they have suffered more than most and in some truly unimaginable ways but if ever there is a couple that understands each other it is this pair, they just have to find a level playing field and work out exactly what is going on between the two of them. So, when they next set eyes on each other, all bets are off because no matter what Raven’s objections…Wolf is having none of it, he wants her more than anything else and even though he knows that being together might not be the cleverest decision he has ever made, it is the right one, he wants her and he is going to have her…letting her go is not an option.

There is an evil at work in this book that I hadn’t anticipated but when it is revealed it all sort of made sense, it fell into place and I had my fingers crossed that I was going to get the outcome I wanted. This was a story of two broken souls that absolutely needed each other.

I adore this author, she touches a nerve with me that has my brain screaming at me to read every single one of her books the minute it reaches my kindle.  Wolf and Raven were superb, they might not be my favourite couple of the series but to be honest selecting who is would be like picking out which of my kids is my favourite child…impossible.

Topic: Rusty Nail by Lani Lynn Vale

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