by LA Casey

I have loved this series but of all the books to date I would have to say that this isn’t exactly my favourite, I mean the book is good, it just didn’t seem to have a purpose.

Branna and Ryder are settling into not only married life but also into the fact that they are to become parents and the guys are each becoming accustomed to the fact that their lives have changed after the events that happened in Ryder’s book.

I love the fact that the whole family, each of the brother’s and their wives and infants (where appropriate) are present in the story, and for me that is the joy of this whole series, the fact that it is so family oriented.

I especially liked that I got more of Dominic, I can’t say he is my favourite, well I could but I do love them all but I especially love his relationship with Bronagh and the banter between the two of them never fails to bring a smile to my face.

While Branna and Ryder were off on honeymoon, I thought the author gave us a solid look at the relationship between the two of them, the volatility that they had experienced previously wasn’t completely overlooked and I liked that honesty, I also liked the fact that it was made perfect clear just how much Ryder loved her. But while they enjoyed their time alone, life continued back at home but when they return it isn’t only the addition to the family that is news, they have their own baby news to impart!

The story is short, as you would expect for a novella but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t surprised when it drew to a close at just 76% on my kindle but it had served its purpose I suppose and for me that was to clear the decks for the next story …Damien.

At the end of Branna you get a great sneaky peak at the upcoming story for Damien and I have to say that has definitely got my interest piqued.

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