by RC Boldt

Full to the brim with all manner of loveliness, this had everything going for it and then some…because it also has Becket Jones and that man can occupy my time whenever he wants, he was a dream.
I think I could ramble on about him for much longer than is acceptable but really ladies, listen up he works the swoon factor with absolute aplomb! The book just pushed every button, it brought the biggest smile to my face and at times had me stretching for the tissues
Of course, the book wasn’t all about Becket, there was also an object to his affections. His eyes and heart were most certainly set on Ivy but he had been on the receiving end of her cold shoulder for longer than he was willing to accept any longer…why the cold shoulder, well that was the million-dollar question and as her story unfolded, I thought her character grew in stature, she made sense, if not entirely at least enough to ensure that I wanted what was best for her. I loved her sass, she was a mistress at dishing out attitude but then again, she often used it as a defense mechanism
The determination Becket showed as he set forth to get his girl was resolute, even though their initial interaction was far from stellar, he chipped away at her defences until he managed to get where he needed to be…underneath her skin because let’s face it once he was there, no sane woman was ever going to turn her back on him.  They niggled and snarked at each other but it all added to the intensity that their relationship had, and when the flirting turned into so much more, I was whooping at my screen.
The author made sure to keep the ride interesting and it wasn’t all plain sailing, there were twists and turns all through the book, many of which I didn’t see coming but that when they hit, they certainly make their mark.
I loved the other characters that the author brought into play, especially Tank, and Dax…seriously they were fantastic, so funny.
Easy to sum up this is a story that you really need to read, they are characters that you will quickly come to love. A “do not put me down” read that will wake up all your emotions and do more than enough to keep you interested.

Topic: Ditched by RC Boldt

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