Tackled in Seattle

by Jami Davenport


There was more than a nod to the quintessential fairytale with this the latest in the Men of Tyee series. The author took every little girls dream and worked her magic and in this it wasn’t a little girl wanting to marry her prince to be that princess that she has always dreamed of…nope this was the young lady that never knew she was a real life Princess and wasn’t sure what to do with the information once she did.

Alisa Brown was your average kid, right up until the moment her mother tells her exactly who her father is, and she suddenly discovers that she is far from average, nope she is proper royalty ...her father being second in line to the throne in the UK. As if that little bombshell isn’t enough to have her running for the hills, the mayhem that ensues once her story is revealed is nothing short of chaos. Her quiet ordinary life…decimated.

Gage totally won me over, he was the standard jock, the all-American hero, the star quarterback, until a sporting injury left all the plans he had for his future in tatters. The best thing in his life other than his family is Alisa but when her royal heritage becomes common knowledge, he is faced with losing everything because how on earth does this average kid, with nothing special to offer keep the heart of a Princess? I say keep the heart because they genuinely have the most fabulous connection and I was rooting for them from very early on.

Gage didn’t want to be the reason that she felt as if she had to stay in the US, after all he had nothing to give her as an incentive, he was from a hardworking ordinary family, his success in the NFL would have been key to better things for his whole family and losing that was gut wrenching, he so wanted to give his folks something that would make their lives easier.

I loved his sense of honour and his determination to do the right thing, if anyone had what it would take to be with a Princess it could very well have been Gage …if only he could get his head around that when it came to Alisa the woman, not the Princess he was just what she needed and wanted, they just had to get over the hurdles that were put in their way.

Could they?

Well, that is for you to find out.

A charming read that was just what I needed to while away a Sunday afternoon.


Topic: Tackled in Seattle by Jami Davenport

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