Love Too Hot by Morgan Jane Mitchell



Love Too Hot, well this does exactly as the title suggests- it scorches!

Rick and Lorrie are back and just as potent as ever.

This pair are drawn together and despite the fact that after two years without him, Lorrie just doesn’t have it in her to deny him.

Any normal woman would have completely moved on after being left alone for two years – two years in which she believes that he never gave her a second thought, believing that he never looked for her, two years in which she had given birth to his child and two years in which despite her heart break, she had never really stopped loving him.

With him back and Lorrie has a choice to make, can she forgive him enough to move forward with him in her life or is it actually too late and if it is can she finally leave the past where it is and move on.

And more to the point will Rick let her.

Like moths to a flame, Rick and Lorrie are almost fated to be together but life is never smooth and in this we get to travel the journey with them again.

The writing is beautiful, the passion that is portrayed through the words between Rick and Lorrie is tangible and the story all the more entertaining and credible for that fact.

If I am honest it is the quality of writing that is this books biggest feature, the author is expertly skilled in her descriptive prose and the story is effectively and expertly coloured with her words as the pages unfold.