Shameless King

by Maya Hughes

With absolutely no shame whatsoever I can hold my hands up and say that I loved every single word of this, it was for me fantastic.

Show me a sports romance I am a happy lady, so when this hit my screen I was thrilled. I know not everyone might be quite as enthusiastic as I am but darn it …. give it a go you will not be disappointed.

From the outset I was totally onboard with the characters, perhaps listing a little more towards being a Declan devotee but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t like Makenna because I did, I just found she took a little longer for me to warm up too and I think it was down to the fact that whilst I got how much of an impact her past had had on her, I just didn’t seem to be able to see through that past and get to the real Makenna, but once I did I was sold and totally addicted to the pair of them.

They both had their own agendas’, their own path to follow. Ones that they were sure would take them to where they needed to be but when they are thrust together there is another dynamic in their lives that they have to learn to deal with…lust and boy oh boy was their bucket loads of that!

I liked that the author gave them the chance to embrace the flicker that was burning between the two of them before turning the heat all the way up to scorching but what really stole the show for me was the way that as the story and their relationship progressed, it was Makenna that really came into her own, she knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to make sure she got it…woohoo!

With a cast of sensational secondary characters that are all crying out to be heard in their own stories, I would say that this as a fabulous book for a summer vacation, an easy read that flows beautifully, fantastic escapism.


Topic: Shameless King by Maya Hughes

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