Tyrant by T M Frazier


I have finally run out of superlatives!

While King was an emotional bruiser of a book, Tyrant was physically abusive, it hit me like Mike Tyson, it punched my soul so hard, I think my heart was rattling around in my chest!

I am still swamped by the feelings that it not only brought out but also left me with, because it there is nothing and I do mean nothing that you expect in this book – Oh well maybe there is the fact that Brantley King will stop at nothing to get his woman and make no mistake, she is HIS woman!!!

I will not give anything away, but I will say that this book is everything you could imagine and much, much more.

It will take all the things you thought you knew and throw them right off the page and it will laugh its ass off at you as it does.

Be prepared ladies because Brantley King is going to own your life for every single minute you are devoured by this book.

He takes no prisoners, he has no shame, he is relentless, he loves her and he will not let her go.

I did not see the twists and turns that the author threw at us and dang, every page had me practically diving for cover!

Pup’s dad was a reprehensible as you could have possibly imagine and her Mother- well I have to say that the woman barely deserved the term human let alone mother.

And then you have Tanner- Hush my mouth, you need to get to know him for yourself!!

I fantastic book, I loved every single word and I hope that TM Frazier has a little more of Brantley, Pup and Bear left in the tank.

Give Bear some air time please!!!