Taming the Storm by Samantha Towle

This book is simple to sum up – it is fantastic!

Tom Carter – holy cow – we are all perfectly well aware of his extracurricular activities but how far up the queue he was when they handed out the hot gene – because from what I can tell he must have been hogging the front of the line – because he has it all and then some!

Not a man that you would ever expect to find on his knees (well maybe!) but praying to God – maybe not? Tom makes a deal with the man upstairs to turn over a new leaf.

Tom knows that Jake would never survive without her and so in return for his friend’s life being saved – he promises to turn over a new leaf and give up on his whoring ways – so this rock god and now reformed slut – has a new path to follow – one that leads him straight into temptation.

Vintage have just signed a recording deal with Jake’s record company TMS and are getting ready to head out on a short tour. Lead singer Layla Summers has decided to lay low from the male of the species for a while after finding her boyfriend in a compromising situation with someone that she would have considered to be her safe pair of hands –someone that would have always had her back. Now she has neither.

Disaster strikes and the tour is in jeopardy when her tour manager breaks a leg - without a new manager the tour will be cancelled – In steps the one person on the face of the planet that Lyla does not want to see – Tom Carter. Having rejected his advances twice – she has little time for him and his Man Slut (mut) ways but what she doesn’t know is, that was the old Tom because he  too is stepping out to his new path and so far so good! Although it doesn’t stop him pushing his luck with brilliantly funny consequences.

Refusing to give up Tom and Lyla form an uneasy alliance at first – one that in time develops into a proper friendship. Sharing elements of their pasts and finding that they have more in common that they had considered.

But despite all their protestations – the sexual chemistry between them is off the charts – giving in is not only the best solution, it is the only solution – so they make an agreement that they will be together for the duration of the tour but when it is over – so are they!

Who do they think they are kidding? Really!!

I loved Tom, he was funny, cheeky and charming abut most of all passionate – he cared for Lyla but caring and loving are not feelings that he is familiar with – so knowing what to do with them doesn’t come easy and while he screws up a lot – he doesn’t screw around – not on her – she is all he wants!

Lyla is a feisty girl – full of hurt and unwilling to accept that the man in front of her might just prove to be her happy ever after.

Twists and turn prevail but Tom and Lyla have a connection that when push comes to shove neither of them are willing or able to break.

Living without each other is not an option!