Vain by Fisher Amelie

If I could give more stars to this book I would .. Seriously great book from an author I have not heard of before.  This story knocked my socks off ..

The story starts off with over-privileged girl, Sophie Price, who is the alpha girl in a group of rich kids who have what they need and more and don’t seem to care who they hurt along the way to get what they want! 

Sophie takes chances with her life making dangerous and illegal decisions landing her in trouble more than once, perhaps to gain attention from parents who don’t seem to care. 

Not heeding warnings from a court judge and upsetting her father yet again, punishment is handed to her.. but not jail time .. no she is sent to Uganda to work in an orphanage for 6 months! 

This is where the book changed for me and became a deep and emotional story, illustrating Sophie’s journey to war torn Africa where even electricity and medicine is a luxury and Sophie has to dig deep to survive.  She does more than survive however, and the freedom from society and peer pressure leads Sophie to find strength and empathy she did not know she had. 

Changing the opinions those around her have of her through her hard work and dedication to these children shows her that she can achieve more with her life .. even to the point of sacrificing her happiness to protect the one person who has become the most important to her… and finding that they will do anything for her in return. 

Just a fantastic story and I loved the cover too! .. Have already bought the next in the series and can not wait to start!

Reviewed by Becky