Until Ashlyn

by Aurora Rose Reynolds

I have no idea what it is with either this series or this author but I might have been late to the party but I am seriously all caught up now and loving everything – ARR you certainly know how to pen the epitome of an alpha male!!

This is Ashlyn’s story and with Cash and Lily for parents, she was always going to be one to keep an eye on. I found the story really engaging.

I loved the fact that feisty Ashlyn, woke up married, after a drunken evening in Vegas with her boss the gorgeous Dillon, it brought the biggest smile to my face, now I know that some might have been a little less than pleased – namely his “supposed” fiancé but everything is not what it appears to be on the surface of that little powerkeg and as this story evolves you get to see why!

There is no way that Dillon is going to let Ashlyn annul their marriage, he has his woman and he darn well intends for it to stay that way. He is so darn determined that I was swooning hard for this gloriously possessive man!

The more they actually got to know each other the more obvious that what they perceived was far from the truth, what they felt especially for each other told the true story, it was impossible for them to deny how they not only felt about each other but that they finally both had something that was worth fighting for…they had a love that was going to go the distance, they just had to make sure that everyone else saw it the same way.

As you would expect with Dillon’s situation, there is a strong undercurrent of angst through much of the story but it only intensified the drama and the solidity of their relationship. I didn’t worry that they wouldn’t stand the test of time, I knew that had what it would take but darn the author made sure that right up to the very end, the outcome was far from certain.

As usual this was beautifully written and highly entertaining, fabulous read

Topic: Until Ashlyn by Aurora Rose Reynolds

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