Choose Me by Heidi McLaughlin

Six long years and the love of your life, father of your child walks back up to your door as if he has just nipped out for some milk – only problem, you were told he was dead, you buried and grieved for the man that you knew kept the keys to your heart and brought his son into the world without him – sound like the plot for a story that will keep you on tenterhooks, well my friend you have just hit the mother load because ( following on from Here with me – which you absolutely must have read before you even start to delicately stroke the front cover of Choose me)- this book is dynamite!!!

The cover up runs deep, answers are hard to come by and the risks are all to great but someone wanted Evan and his team gone and now they are back they are determined to find who and why.

Ryley and Evan are taking tentative steps to try and find a way to move forward but she has a commitment to Nate that she is struggling to understand when her body is very much responding to the man that was her first everything.

Nate has no idea is brother is back but just as with Evan, someone has conveniently orchestrated a mission to keep him out of the way until Evan and the unit return, but he has to get back sometime and when he does, what he finds is as far from what he thought he was returning to as he could have possibly fathomed.

When his brother walks back in the door, I don’t think he could clearly see that his options had just evaporated and life as he knew it would never be the same again. He had no intension of letting Ryley slip away but then again neither did Evan and they were going to have to go toe to toe to win the woman, or were they?

What initially threatened to tear them apart eventually sees the brothers able to work together along with Cara and Carole to uncover the truth that has blighted so many lives, but just how close to home does the answers lie?

I loved the sections that explored the reconciliation of Evan and Nate, I also adored Ej- he was such a leveller to each and every one of them and I when Nate spoke to him about being an uncle – that one sentence was enough to bring forth tears!

The book rounded off much as I would have hoped for, but I would like to see some resolution for the other members of Evan’s team – I want to know if McCoy gets his family back, perhaps if I stomp my feet loud enough Heidi might oblige with a sneaky extra story- please!!!

I don’t  know if I have the right words to be able to convey what you will get when you open the first page but be prepared to ride what is a roller-coaster of emotions that will take you to the boundary of heartache and back again.