Sweet Hope

by Tillie Cole


I never want to read another story like this again, honestly Tillie, my heart can’t take it … I sat sobbing in my chair while my husband looked at me as if I had actually lost my mind, you see these were not the quiet snivelling sort of tears, Oh no, these were the big old fat arse howlers that were plotting a course down my cheeks and had absolutely no intension of stopping!!!

The final book in this fabulous series is so much more than I had ever thought it would be, Ally was never my favourite character but OMG in this did she blow my attitude of the water. She nailed it.

I am giving no plot details away in this review – the book is just too good for the likes of me to spoil what you would gain by reading it.

Ally is a curator who is making it big in the art world but she has a soft spot for the works of a new to the scene sculptor Elpidio and when the opportunity arises that means she could curate the first ever show for the elusive and reclusive star, she flies across the country to make sure that she gets the one gig that she just has to have.

Elipidio is just the most reluctant of phenomenon’s, but he is beautifully damaged and self-deprecating. He work holds no enjoyment for him, he sees it as his penance for a past that is as bad as it gets. He pours his heart and soul into his work and each one while it may not lighten his load, at least gives him a chance to exorcise his demons and give them substance.

But when he meets Ally, he soon discovers that everything he feels that he doesn’t deserve is suddenly before him. Because this smart beautiful, educated woman wants to get to know him and as awkward as he find it to balance what he feels he needs and what he thinks he deserves, he can’t help but feel that for the first time what has been a completely miserable life to date, he has something and someone that gives him hope.

Together the road is paved with more obstacles than most but when the truth of Elipidio is revealed they are presented with a whole new dynamic that while others would have found solace in suffering and longing for something and someone they can’t have, they both looked at their situation with a renewed determination to stick it out.

I loved the fact that the pull between the two of them was beyond anything that they could fight, they completed a part of each other that they never know they needed.

Love unexpected is the most potent because you can’t escape something you had no idea you were running from in the first place and in this Ally and Elipidio may have begun poles apart but they were never destined to remain that way.

The other characters from the previous books are very much part of the whole story and I have to say that it was nice to catch up with them all again – especially Rome and Austin.

And the epilogue… one of the best you will ever read- a perfect way to bring the curtain down on characters who, with the mere mention of their names or the title of their books will bring a smile to my face.

Tillie Cole, you quite simply are the mistress of ninja heartbreak – you know what I mean ladies, the sneaky stuff that you thing you have sussed and then – you get completely blindsided by Tillie the word ninja!!!