by Leigh Lennon

I picked this up without a second thought on whether I was going to like it or not because from the tiny bit of blurb that I read, I just couldn’t leave the book untouched, the story was calling out for me to read it – drawing me in for a cosy day in the sofa …just me, Justine and Nick and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Justine is a tough woman, stressful job as an Air traffic controller, topped off with being a single mother to Rose and Kai, time is a precious commodity for her and especially time for herself.  I loved her attitude, she called like it was and had totally reached the end of her tether with her ex-husband and his interference …I think my patience would have run its course a lot sooner that hers did, was Rafe the type of man to take her vitriol lying down or would he hit back with the one part of her life that he knew would hurt the most…her kids!

Of course, he would! But when you read the story you will understand that like life, not everything is quite what it would appear to be on the surface. I understood that she could be quite ascorbic at times but darn it Rafe was no picnic either!

Anyway, I mentioned someone else in the story that I was keen to spend time with and that was Justine’s new next-door neighbour and fellow single parent, Nick.

Did I like him, well for the most part yes, but I am convinced that there is a lot more under the surface of this man that I am yet to discover because there were tiny glimpses of attitude that were at odds with what I expected and on at least one occasion I found him a little spiteful, he was totally out of order when he used a secret that he uncovered to hurt Justine, I could have done him serious harm at that point!

Whilst It didn’t take long for the sparks to ignite between the two of them, that was never going to be their problem…the pressures on their relationship were always destined to come from the complexities that their family lives heaped on the situation, so could they survive the pressures or would they sink without a trace?

There were twists and turns that I didn’t expect, characters that I loved and some that I found a little taxing – I am not 100% convinced I like Emma, I didn’t like the way she was with Justine’s kids at times, so for now I have to say that I reserve judgement!

Overall a solid read that kept me engaged and entertained. There were times when I felt that story lost a little of its flow but that wouldn’t stop me recommending it to you.

Solid 4 Stars