Corrupted by Alicia Taylor and Natalie Townson

I have to say that in this case two heads really are better than one, because authors Alicia Taylor and Natalie Townson have fired a warning shot across the bow of the genre with this their debut novel.

Corrupted is an engaging novel, one that come the end will not only consider reading again and will most definitely have you reaching for book 2.

The story is about Ella, head strong and determined, she has it in her mind that all her ills are as a result of one person and now that she is alone, she has nothing holding her back, nothing to ground her and make sense of her reason and to question the maelstrom of hate that she is experiencing, with no moral forethought, she sets forth to remedy the situation, to right the wrongs and to end the life of her perceived adversary.

Just a shame that her reasoning and grip on reality is tenuous to say the least because Damon doesn’t suffer fools and always gets what his heart desires, and this time its Ella.

Everything is not what it appears with Damon, much like Ella he has a past that to some effect has defined him, but unlike Ella, he wears his past well, his demons reside deep within his soul and he controls their every move.

But when he determines that he is not prepared to lose Ella, he is left feeling that unleashing that part of him to keep her is his only option. He is not willing to be without her.

Ella on the other hand, is too closed off to accept what’s on offer, hell I don’t think she feels anything anymore, she has a heart full of hate and a determination to make those responsible for her loss pay.

But life is a bitch and Ella is just about to get kicked good and hard, because what the hell do you do when the one person you have sworn to destroy is the only person that not only makes you feel alive but also has the power to destroy you.

I thought both and Ella and Damon where superb characters, ones that encouraged you to get involved in their tale and absorbed you into their lives.

I also liked the descriptive nature of the book and the fact that whist the story is quite fast paced, it never lost me in the process, it took care to guide me through the plot and left me with baited breath of the next instalment.