Jackson's Destiny by C A Harms

This is book two in the series and can easily be read as a standalone novel but in order to get the whole picture, you really should read Ryan’s Love because the characters run through both books.

It was obvious in the first book that there was a connection between Jackson and Bailey that no matter hard they tried to deny it, it wasn’t willing to remain silent.

The book starts with the boys losing their much beloved father and it is blatantly evident that Jackson will take longer to gather himself together than either Ryan or Noah.

His bond with his father was more than he could ever put into words.

Bailey feels almost redundant as she stands on the side-lines, watching as her friends struggle to come to terms with what has happened.

Her feelings for Jackson make seeing him suffer so hard, but it also rekindles a painful memory that she would have rather remained buried.

Jackson didn’t want to be the man to fall apart and neither Ryan nor Noah wanted to be the one to bring their big brother to his knees but he was sinking fast and as much as they were trying to hold the farm together they needed Jackson back on board.

But for Jackson it was the feelings that he kept simmering along for the gorgeous Bailey that flickered him back to life.

I loved Jackson, he was just a beautiful man.

He exercised his patience when it came to Bailey but when he made his move, it was decisive and permanent – there is no way he was ever going to let her off the hook and what Jackson loved and cherished – he kept!

Their relationship was fairly swift and to the point but I think my favourite part was when she had to take off to deal with a situation that happens with her mother but despite giving her time to resolve what she needs to, he understands that she is where she needs to be but he misses her and unbeknown to her he turns up on her doorstep – I could have swooned there and then!

I loved his possessiveness – it was sweet rather than arrogantly demanding, he never said anything he didn’t mean and his relationship with Ryan’s daughter Olivia was just down right brilliant!

He’s definitely the cool uncle.

Bailey and Amber were super funny together, heck Bailey was just funny full stop – when she took down Jackson's clingy ex – I had the biggest smile on my face.

The family are super, the brothers are so close and the conversations between them were filled with everything I could have possibly wanted from them.

I love the fact that they are able to call it as they see it without the drama that lesser mortals would feel obliged to instil in the scenario, family’s dynamics ebbed and flowed and I was hooked on every word.

And with Noah up next for the CA Harms treatment, I cannot wait to read how he fairs in the love stakes!

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