Stolen Innocence by S M Stryker

I have lots that I would like to say about this book but too much of what I have in mind would spoil the story and as such I am left with no option but to keep this short.

The story belongs to Parker and I say that because it really is her tale to tell.

She has a right to be heard, she has lived much of her life hiding not only who she is but what has been happening to her and finally this is her time and rightfully so.

Creating a new life for herself Parker is starting over, away from her pain and misery and is hiding in the multitudes in a city where she can safely lose herself completely.

But what do you do when time and time again you happen upon someone who has you running for the hills?

Parker is determined to keep her past exactly where it is, behind her and she is completely terrified of actually taking time to stand tall and take a deep breath, to take lung full of life, one that given a chance she would see she so richly deserves.

Ian is her mystery man but he wants to be more than that for her but what can he do when she evades him at every opportunity.

When they eventually meet the book sprouts wings and takes off because they were just superb.

They taking things slow but it is far from smooth, and they have a way to go but they have each other – Is it enough? – Well only time will tell but at least it is a start.

Parker was a complicated but charming character, her abusive past was handled well and the impact that, that had on her present was evocatively portrayed.

Ian though well, I was just perfect for her, the man she needed to have by her side but  could he be the man she needed to wash away the fears that she was drowning in – I had everything crossed for them both.

Could they find a happy place that would welcome them both and allow what they have to grow… my lips are sealed, because you need to read the book to find that out for yourself.