by Alexis Noelle

There is subject matter in this story that some may find difficult, I say that not because I want to persuade you not to read the book, nothing could be further from the truth but I am well aware that for some the topic of domestic violence is a trigger and while the book is sensitive in it handling for the situation, it doesn’t mean that the author shies away from the physical and mental brutality that surrounds those that are embedded in the situation.

I think Ms Noelle handled an emotionally evocative subject not with kid gloves because that in my opinion would be disrespectful to those that not only have but continue to endure the pain of similar situation but with a strength that illuminated but didn’t lecture that there is life on the other side of abuse.

The MC was back in full force in this story but it was Cutter that took centre stage because when Jasmine walked through his door, his life was changed irrevocably, little did she know that he was the guy to change hers too.

When Cutter decided he needed help in the office, he hadn’t anticipated Jasmine, this broken woman who was a shell of who she could and should have been, distraught and damaged she was at her wits end and in desperate need of a job and with Cutter she could not only find the means to support herself but through him she would also find the emotional support she needed to shore up a pats that was determined to weigh her down.

Cutter knew from the minute he clapped eyes on her there was something wrong and that he had to do what he could to fix it, his soul told him that this was a woman that needed his care and attention and luckily for Jasmine, Cutter was willing to listen to what it was saying, although it wasn’t going to be easy. He had to us every ounce of patience to slowly break through her defences and win her trust. Getting her to open up was a task that few would have undertaken but Cutter was made of stronger stuff than most, that we know, he had to get to the bottom of her past in order to be the man to help her build her future.

I loved Cutter, he was willing to show his true colours for Jasmine and even though he is capable of more than I originally thought, I couldn’t help but admire the man he was. There were a few twists in the story that I hadn’t seen coming and on a couple of occasions I was taken aback by the events that were galloping across the page, things don’t like to rest for long with these guys.

As you would expect the story is a tough read, it is so emotional. It gave hope to a situation that for many would appear hopeless and encouragement that no matter how desperate you don’t have to suffer alone.

Topic: Mayhem by Alexis Noelle

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