Paradise Found: Cain

by LB Dunbar


Book one was Abel’s story and as engaging, no scratch that, as enthralling as it was, I have been itching to get my hands on Cain since my eyes lingered, lost over the final full stop.

And now that I have finished, I can honestly say that I was not disappointed. Cain’s story was a little bit of everything for me, it constantly had me wondering what was coming next. The author really managed to keep the secrets coming thick and fast, there was barely the opportunity to draw breath and I loved it.

This book really was the perfect follow on from the end of book one. The fight between Cain and Abel was at neither of their behest but they undertook the orders that they had been given, it didn’t mean they had to like it but bringing Sophie into the fray again opened up a whole new dimension because Cain was fighting not only for what they had a lost but what he has set his heart on now…a future with Sophie.

I loved the connection between the two of them, the passion that they shared was off the charts and I had everything crossed that they had a chance to make a future for themselves but it was never going to be an easy trip, I just has no idea how complicated it would end up.

But I was on the side-lines, pompoms in hand doing my utmost to cheer them on, I really, really wanted them to get their happy ever after…but did I get it or was my cheer falling on deaf ears?

Well you will have to read to find out and I say that with no shame because I know once you start you will not be able to stop!

Topic: Paradise Found: Cain by LB Dunbar

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