Fixing Him

by Miranda Elaine

I have read from this author before and I was chomping at the bit to get stuck into this her second novel, this is an author that doesn’t skimp on all the feels when she breathes life into her characters…and I am pleased to say that this was no exception, the characters were quite simply superb, they certainly left their mark.
Sam and Montana were so eclectic, I couldn’t help but feel that I was going to get swallowed up by what was to prove a beautifully romantic read.
Sam was a happy man and by that I mean he is happy in his own skin, has experienced more than Montana and in some respects that was the hurdle they had to overcome more than anything else because whilst Sam may have been a little world-weary, Montana was anything but, she approached life with gusto and for Sam she wouldn’t have initially been the woman that I would have seen as being the one for him but more fool me!
Montana spoke volumes to me, she was such a spunky charter, she just wanted Sam to cut loose so when they are thrown together there was never a dull moment. But when and how would the pair of them get to that point of no return, the second that they realize that they are wasting time and need to relent to the fact that fate has plans for the pair of them and it is time to give in to the inevitable…but can Sam let this feisty girl fix him?
This is an author to add to your one-click list she is not to be missed, this was exceptional!

Topic: Fixing Him by Miranda Elaine

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