Forever My Saint

by Monica James

If you are looking for inspiration for what to read next…look no further – unless of course, you haven’t read the first two book in the series because then you…what are you doing …catch up!!
The Pretty Things Trilogy has been nothing short of magnificent and this the final installment has totally blown me away it was everything I never knew I needed and that I would give my eyeteeth to have again.
Willow and Saint have a relationship that defies description, it is sinfully forbidden yet deliciously emotional.
There is a darkness that spreads across each page like wildfire, with an intensity that doesn’t give you time to draw breath.
I felt the cold chill of anticipation, the heckles raised on the back of my neck as I desperately tried not to anticipate what was coming next because it was sure to have my nerves shredded.
Willow was willing to fight for her man, the very same man that had suffered immeasurable and that wanted nothing more than to have the woman that wanted him. But the forces of evil that surrounded them weren’t ready to let go…even when they had the opportunity to rid themselves for the horror, Saint struggled to deal with it and what he had been through and that almost cost him, Willow, all over again.
A love that wasn’t willing to be thwarted, a love that no matter what was ready to fight its corner and that was every bit as determined as those fight for their future to win through.
This was soul searching stuff, a roller coaster that left everything it had on the table and refused to cow tail to convention.
Sensational work, an outstanding conclusion to a series that was as hard-hitting as they come.

Topic: Forever My Saint by Monica James

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