by M.N. Forgy

There are times when I find it almost impossible to comprehend just how dense I can be, I picked this one up just on the blurb, not realising at all that it was book three in the Sin City Outlaws series and since I have read and loved the first two books you would have thought I would have at least clicked but nope, blinkers were on and a haze of oblivion was obviously in full force because after a few pages I was flipping back and forward, completely confused as to why I was reading about characters that I already knew…and then the penny dropped and I couldn’t help but smile…I was back with Zeke and the guys…woohoo!

There is more to Alessandra than even she knows, the viciousness of her past is laid bare early on but whilst as the reader we were privy to that information, Alessandra isn’t and I had no clue how she was going to react when it was divulged because she was a feisty one as it was and this was something that had the potential to push all the wrong buttons.

Serving on the police force puts her on the opposite side of the fence from her best friend Jillian now that she is hooked up and pregnant by Zeke, the president of the Sin City Outlaws but her friendship with Jillian is important to her and whilst she is less than welcoming when in the presence of the guys, she stomachs them for the sake of her friend.

But when a situation with the club means that Jillian and her babies lives are placed in danger, little does she know that by protecting her, she too is about to become a ward of the club, because there is one thing that Zeke has quickly learnt and that is the fact that Alessandra is very important to Jillian and that means that she is important to him because keeping his woman happy…is his absolute priority! Smart man!!

So despite her sass and sarcasm, Alessandra finds herself under the watchful eye of the one guy at the club that rubs her up the wrong way, Felix.

Felix is the club vice president, raised by the club and an out and out outlaw in every single respect, he has a pathological hatred for the police, so putting him in charge of Alessandra’s safety is like giving a dog a bone at telling it to not touch and feeling rather perturbed about the whole situation he wasn’t shy about vocalising the way this feisty copper pi**ed him off.

But was there was something more, he couldn’t help but think that they weren’t too dissimilar and that his “black bird” was more than she initially appeared, she wasn’t as squeaky clean as he thought.

I simply love the way this author is able to portray her guys, they initially appear as if they are total a**holes but that when the truth comes out, they are far from it…well at least in the romance department that is. Felix fought the way he felt about Alessandra because that little niggle that told them both that they didn’t love each was selling them both short because loving each other, while not easy it was inevitable.

Of course there is a more action in the story than just the connection between Alessandra and Felix, the club is in peril and under attack, the mafia is piling on the pressure and Alessandra is facing a pressure all of her own from an assailant that is hiding in plain sight.

I cannot wait to get my hands on Machete's story next, I am sure that he is going to be just as epic!

Topic: Retaliate by M.N. Forgy

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