Hanging Pawns by Emersyn Vallis

Second in the series but punching from an entirely different stance, this little southpaw was more than a match for the first book, in fact I think I preferred it.

Josh is friends with the McAllister brothers and Mea, through a chance encounter with Josh while finding her feet at college ends up sharing with the Chandler twins.

This was just the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the two of them, one that had not just the legs but the heart to morph into so much more.

Mea was in college for two reasons, to further her education as you would expect but it also gave her the perfect opportunity to get out from under a mother that can only ever be described as reprehensible. A chance to forge her own path and start afresh was just what she needed, but would it stay that way?

Josh was a real sweetheart, he adores Mea and isn’t shy about letting her know that his life revolves around her, he was totally swoon worthy.

Yes, it filled in some of the gaps from the first book but please don’t think that, that is all it did, because while it has been said that the book acts as almost a prequel to Adjournment, I think I found it more than able to support not only the characters from that novel but also Josh and Mea, this pair were worthy of their own story but I think there are bits that the author cleverly has kept to herself.

Topic: Hanging Pawns by Emersyn Vallis

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