by Emily Snow

If I had to sum the book up in only one word, I would say it was entertaining.

Lucy is one of life’s winners, that is right up until the point where the rug was proverbially pulled from right beneath her because not only did she lose her marriage…her ex was a cheating SOB ( and later in the story you will find out just what an a$$ he really is) so in the scheme of things that might not have been a huge issue but he was also her business partner and that is a major issue because now she has no relationship, no job and is facing whole heap of personal and professional pain…all topped off by the fact that she is now living with her mom again…life is far from peachy!

Finding a job that she isn’t actually overqualified for isn’t easy but eventually she is hired for a company that is owned by a guy that she had a major thing for back in high school. Now I don’t know about you but I think I might have found that almost as awkward as she did and that is saying something!

She had no idea what was coming her way when she accepted that job but then again I don’t think Jace did either because when she walked back into his life again it was as if he was right back in high school because Lucy wasn’t the only one that had harboured a secret crush.

Sexy as sin Jace was on very thin ice when it came to offering Lucy the position as his marketing director, he had rules for how things should be between staff and that included him but all that was before L.E.T.O (Lucy Entered The Office) because now he may just be the one breaking that very same rule.

I loved his attitude, he called it like he saw it and wasn’t afraid to say exactly what was on his mind, Lucy on the other hand had a rod of steel running through her because no matter how down, how despondent you would have thought she would be, she soldiered on and what she didn’t initially overcome she buried but Jace knew that he was there to help her find that tiger again, to see through the BS, start again and stand tall.

The interaction between the two of them were mixed, they were playful, they were flirtatious, they were sexy and eventually they were off the charts! They brought out the best in each other and that was fantastic to read.

It isn’t all plain sailing there is a hiccup along the way ( I did mention that ex earlier) that had the potential to derail everything for them both and again not just personally but professionally too. But could they survive, would they see what they had and fight to make it work?

This is a couple that you will root for, they came across as normal, the flirtatious banter, the humour and the attitude, it all made them ultimately relatable.

Topic: Friction by Emily Snow

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