Betting On Grace by Nicole Edwards


Following swiftly on the hot as sin heels of Boots Optional (which I really would recommend that you read before you begin this book) Betting on Grace brings us more of the Lambert ladies and their smoulderingly sexy cowboys!

Picking up on the continuing relationship between Grace Lambert and her pair – Yes, pair of hunky cowboys – Lane Miller and Grant Kingsley. Betting on Grace will have you hot under the collar.

Dead Heat Ranch is the Lambert Families dude ranch and it has enough going on to keep us entertained for an awfully long time but this book I think was a chance to get the relationship between Grace, Lane and Grant set to rights before we find out about the rest of Grace’s sisters – Hope, Trinity, Mercy and Faith.

I was intrigued to learn a little more about the two leading men that have stolen not only Grace’s heart but each other’s. Grant was every inch the tormented cowboy – struggling with a childhood that was less than stellar, and in this story his past comes a calling! His father is nasty, but the reason for his behaviour, gives depth to Grant and lets us understand him even more and also brings to the fore an all too common domestic situation and handles it with magnificent accreditation!!

Lane on the other hand also comes from a family that was barely functional but in an entirely different manner. The fact that both of these men managed to get to adulthood with their sanity and dignity in tact was a testament to their character.

I loved Lane, he wore his heart on his sleeve and carries himself with pride and determination – and oh my god – he was funny. Grant was darker, brooding but that made his demeanour more attractive, because when he unwound, he was simply spectacular.

Grace’s dad Jerry is more prominent in this book, and time is taken to explain a little more his relationship with each of his daughters but also with some of the other hands around the ranch.

Hope looks like she has an interesting story to tell, her verging attraction to a particular visitor to the ranch, I think may be the start of something beautiful. Mercy is a firecracker who takes exception to her father’s situation and the feelings for Cody that she is trying so hard to bury. Grace shows us what it was like to lose her mother and what that pain has done to her but at the culmination of the story, she stands tall and her guys are right beside her.

The relationship between Grace, Lane and Grant is beyond steamy, it is absolutely scorching! The scenes between the three of them set the pages alight but the real scene stealers are the scenes between Grant and Lane because those guys know what they want are none too shy about getting it!

Ms Edwards has tapped into a vein of pure gold with the Dead Heat Ranch and its inhabitants, so I for one will be kicking my heels until the next instalment.

Rating 4 out of 5