Safeword by AJ Rose

This fantastic sequel see Detective Gavin DeGrassi and Dr Ben Haverson trying to recover from their ordeal at the hands of the breath play killer.

Forced into bondage and made to watch each other being tortured to the point of death has taken its toll. 

Gavin no longer feels like he can be a part of a D/s relationship and Ben is trying his hardest to support him but will this spell the end........

A seemingly new case throws the detective right back in the firing line and together with his partner Myah, who is in a relationship with his brother, Cole, they have to try and find a cop killer. Turns out though that the victims aren't as innocent as they seemed and are connected to an old case involving the kidnapping of young boys.

When these boys were found they didn't all make it back home and one of them is hell bent on revenge. Alex Dennan was the first boy taken and over the years formed a relationship with another boy, Marshall Schofield. It is when he and Marshall are parted that the need to hurt those involved engulfs him.  Unfortunately Gavin, while trying to solve the case has become a target. 

Ben is unsure of how to deal with this and can't go through the pain of almost losing his love again. The threats against him and arson attack on his house force him to make Gavin make a choice. Give up the police or him.......

I loved this book, Gavin and Ben are a very special couple.

I give this book 4.5 out of 5

Reviewed by Sue