Spiralling Skywards: Fading

by Lesley Jones

I should have known, how stupid can one woman be…this is Lesley Jones, of course I was going to read this and feel as if I had just had my heart handed to me on a plate, I don’t believe for one second that Ms Jones meant to leave me a distraught mess but even sitting here to just think about what to write in this review has me in tears again.

This book dumbfounds me, there aren’t enough superlatives in my vocabulary to adequately express just how marvellous it was and how much it has left its mark.

Since the end of book one I have been chomping at the bit to get this book, to finally have answers and to get the conclusion of the story between Liam and Sarah.

So taking it as a given that you have already read through book one, here is what I thought of book two, I won’t give you details on what happens, it would be unfair but just my impression and the impression the book and it characters left on me.

Emotionally raw, this is a story that cut me open, it was a wound that I needed to feel, needed to experience. They were so strong yet so vulnerable at the same time and having been dealt a hand that was so cruel they fought to overcome tough obstacles.

I get that some readers will find some of the topics that are raised not to their taste but I found that they were honest and realistic, it was a valid portrayal of life as it really is, warts and all and while we all hope that everything will be plain sailing in our lives it rarely is and this book was forthright enough to lay that bare.

I felt my heart break for Sarah, physically I knew that reading what she was going through was going to leave it mark and it has, I wanted so much for her but most of all I just wanted her to be happy.

Is she well you will need to read the book to find that out.

And as for Liam well, words fail me… he loves Sarah with everything he has and I love him because of that.

A book that will be forever cherished and a story that will be permanently treasured

Topic: Spiralling Skywards: Fading by Lesley Jones

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