Just Breathe Again

by C.A. Harms

This are times when you just know that a character is going to leave a mark, and for me, Aaron is that guy, I wanted so much to be a fly on the wall for most of the story because I couldn’t get enough of him.
Yes, he was a moody so and so but that didn’t deter, his soul spoke to me and when I got under the skin of what made him tick, I couldn’t help feeling protective of him.
This was a guy that had known pain, a man that had experienced unspeakable tragedy and that was emotionally hampered by the constant reminder of the loss of his child, every moment of every day.
I just wanted him to be happy and getting to that point took on a life of its own, I couldn’t help but flip feverishly through the pages, desperate for him to get a happy ever after.
The question is, did he?
Faith was the tonic he needed, the woman that was enough for him to see that life was for living but that didn’t mean that he was willing to accept the blatantly obvious and I couldn’t help but wonder just how much of his attitude she was willing to accept.
There was more than enough angst to keep me glued to each page, the banter between them was engaging and the connection they shared if given the chance was always destined to be magnificent…I have to admit I was praying for the pair of them
As always by this author this was a super read, a fantastic couple and a meaningful tale of what it takes to accept the past and move on, to forgive yourself for being happy and embrace what you have each and every day without regret

Topic: Just Breathe Again by C.A. Harms

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