Legacy Lost

by Jillian David

Absolutely nothing not to be grateful for, this might be book two in the series but it is every bit as accomplished as the first book and equally as absorbing, I was hooked.

Eric and Shelby have secretly had feelings for each other for longer than they are probably prepared to admit but when he learns the truth about just how gifted she really is, the way he is with and towards her changes and it doesn’t go down well.

Because while she may be willing to both step up and out of her comfort zone, Eric is having none of it and as a result he is pulling out all the stops when it comes to doing everything he can to ensure that she is safe and sound. I was beginning to wonder just how far he was going to have to go to save her from herself almost.

Of course there is more going on underneath the surface, events that when they are clarified have a huge impact on them both, they have to find a way to either take what they have to a new level or call it a day and accept that what they have is never going to be the same again, I had my fingers crossed that, that wouldn’t be the case but with the Brand family stirring things up, you can never be too sure.

I thought this was a great read, it had everything I wanted and it was beautifully written. I thought the pace was perfect and the emotional content was just what I thought I thought it would be …well other than the fact that I had no idea that behind the bedroom door Eric was such an alpha, he certainly made it work!!!

I had my fingers crossed for the two of them for large chunks of the book, praying that they would make it out of the mire and not only find but keep their happy ever after…Did they? Well you need to read the story to find that out.

Topic: Legacy Lost by Jillian David

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