by Nicole Edwards



Book 5 in this astonishing series. Ethan Walker is a deeply serious and affected individual and in this book you get to understand why. His story is deep and troubling in that it exposes in a none too attractive aspect of todays society, the abhorance that is homophobia.

Ethan is a fiercly private man, never one to flaunt his sexuality, he keeps his private life, just that private. He has never felt the need to come out and tell his family that he is gay but that is not say that they are not perfectly well aware of his sexual orientation. But they respect his privacy and love him unconditionally, so what does it matter.

Latent homophobia ripples through the book as an all too common reminder of the nasty undercurrent that is modern ignorance. Well done Nicole for giving us all food for thought.

Beau Bennett has spent more time with the Walker boys that he has with his own family. A long time friend of Ethan's brother Zane, Beau has been closer than anyone to the dynamics of this imposing family. Beau's relationship with Zane is closer than most and by exploring and accepting his feelings for Zane, Beau has been able to come to terms with his own sexuality. He loves Zane desperately and has done for years but he is not in love with him, his heart belongs to Ethan - he just has to make Ethan understand.

Ethan lifestyle is shaped by events from his past, especially one brutal night 10 year earlier. Trauma like that is hard to overcome without the love and support of those closest too you - and although Ethan turned to his brother Sawyer, he swore him to secrecy. Determined to save his family from the taunts and stigma that he feared would follow them because of him.

Beau's determination and dedication to Ethan is unwavering and absolutely beautiful to read - he loves his man with a passion that many of us can only hope to experience. Ethan has feelings for Beau but the prospect of being Beau's first everything is just too frightening for him to comprehend, his inner turmoil is excruciating but his ability to love is beautiful and his need for Beau is the one thing he eventually accepts that he can't deny himself.

The Walker family are a force of nature, and in the end their acceptance ( it was never likely to be anything else) and their resolute defence of their brother and Beau is awe inspiring.

Of all the brothers Ethan's story has been the one I have been waiting to read - he has been the moody soul meandering through the previous novels, his brooding and narkiness have been tough to get a handle on but his story is breathtaking - the ability to overcome predjudice is a gift and the chance to love unconditionally is worth fighting for - with Beau's support Ethan embraces that wholeheartedly and the outcome is stunning.

Nicole Edwards- absolute writing superstar - like absolutely everything she writes this book is simply stunning - Epic!

Rating- 5 out of 5 ( Flawless)