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Classical music is all Ella has ever known, to her very core it is everything that she has ever wanted but she can’t shake the demons that plague her mind and leave her feeling that she is chasing a dream that will never be within her reach.

Setting out with one goal in mind, Ella find her own place and makes the decision that she is going big, she is all in so to speak, her target is the most high profile competition out there, and what will she achieve, well she can silence her doubting family and finally be able to rid the doubts that her ass of an ex planted in her brain…not good enough – she’ll show them!

But living on her own wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, she had a fly in her plans…a neighbour that really took exception to her playing her piano while he was trying to get some sleep. So what could have become a war of attrition quickly became so much more as they both began to battle more than their individual desires.

Jake is the distraction that Ella doesn’t need but he is one that she cannot keep at arm’s length and I don’t blame her! I would have closed the lid on that piano in a heartbeat if he was my distraction.

The book was a sweet read, it was romantic when it needed to be but it had more going for it than just that neighbours to lover’s vibe. It had drama that I didn’t expect and boy was it funny.

I really enjoyed this

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