Unbeloved by Madeline Sheehan


Unbeloved by Madeline Sheehan

Book 4 in the Undeniable Series

Decades of wrongs to put right and a lifetime of loneliness has left its mark on Dorothy Matthews, and it’s not a good one. The impact that life has had on Dorothy is not an easy one to recover from.

Having spent twenty years caught between the love of a man she can’t have and a man that she doesn’t know would die for her. Dorothy leaves the Horsemen MC and takes the only thing that means anything to her – her son and sets out to make a life for them both.

The Horsemen Motorcycle Club took the best years of Dorothy’s life, well perhaps “took” is too strong because Dorothy stayed for the most powerful of emotions – she stayed for love.

The dynamic of the relationship between Dorothy/Jase & Hawk has rumbled through the other three novels and while not completely understood it was constant. In this we get to see behind the scenes – we get the detail from the very beginning and get a feel for the emotion that has engulfed not just Dorothy but also Jase and Hawk. None of them have emerged from their situation unscathed.

This book is unlike the others in as much as we already know the primary factors of the main characters but this is far more than that. This takes us not only to the heart of what is fundamentally a good old fashioned love story but we get to catch up with the other club members, Deuce and the gang are back in force and back to their best.

Having been betrayed by one of his own and having Hawk held by the Russian Mafia, Deuce comes back swinging and puts everything he has into getting is guy back alive. We learn the truth of Hawk’s background and the reason why he is with the Horsemen and while it was not what would have been expected it explains a lot.

Dorothy returns to Miles City for one reason, Hawk.

Her meeting with Jase was emotional to say the least and I found myself in tears when they finally get a chance to talk and Jase finally understands that Dorothy isn’t there for him – that only her love for Hawk has brought her back. He now has truly lost everything. His wife is incarcerated and has filed for divorce, his girls want nothing more to do with him, he feels he is a laughing stock amongst the other club members and now the one woman that he has loved for most of his adult life has moved on – needing time to digest the shitstorm that is his life, he hits the open road. Eventually surfacing in the one place he never thought he would set foot again but it’s the one place he belongs and with the people that can set him straight. His redemption has begun! The next time he hits Miles City, the Jase the club knew is no more and he makes the most momentous of decisions in order to achieve his goal – his girls.

Hawk on the other hand is a Horseman to the core and the bond between him and Deuce is unbreakable. The action that Deuce and Preacher put in place to get him back is what we would expect from and club and from the man himself - a man that will do anything to protect one of his own.

I love the fact that the whole crew get in on the act in this and yet again we are drawn into the club dynamics. Deuce is magnificent, pulls no punches, takes no shit but loves without exception his family both blood and club. As we have seen throughout the series, he is fully aware of his mortality and in this he again take steps to hand the reigns over to Cage. Eva is as formidable as always and Cage and Teagan are just down right nuts – they fight like cat and dog but they love each other to distraction – I suppose it is right what they say about being affine line between love and hate!!

I absolutely adore Cox and Kami- they are just brilliant – the bickering and fighting, the course language and the absolutely hysterical situations between them when it comes to their sex life! Class, sheer class!

But the crux of the story lies with Dorothy and Hawk. Can the finally find a happy ever after? Honesty and understanding lays this pair bare and with nowhere left to hide and no secrets left to shake them, can they take their son and build the family that they so deserve.

The Epilogue is fantastic, again Madeline Sheehan wraps up one story with the insight and inference that keeps us hanging with baited breath for the next book in this amazing series.

I have loved every single one of these books and each one for a different reason but with this, I love the fact that we got to see the normality of the MC.

The fact that no mistake is beyond a resolution and that redemption can be found, if in fact you can be bothered to look in the right place. Life isn’t always fair but it is what you make it – Madeline gives us hope that we can all find our little bit of heaven, no matter how long it takes.

Rating 5 out of 5