Hard Rules by Lisa Renee Jones

When it comes to being able to keep a reader glued to the page then there can be few authors that can say they have that little titbit completely nailed better than Lisa Renee Jones.

This is the first book in the series and as you might expect the author puts in a lot of ground work, there were times when I felt drained, there was so much information, so much detail that taking it all in required a little more concentration than I could muster, I had to put the book down on a couple of occasions and just give my brain time to think. But as I made my way through the story, I could see why and where the intensity of the detail fell into place.

Shane Brandon is back in Denver, taking over the family business, following the news that his father is dying. Shane is successful in his own right but he also understands that no matter how much he would rather be anywhere else, family is family and while his might not be the best, they are all he has and he won’t have them all around for much longer.  

I liked Shane, he was a good guy, that refused to be defined by a family that he just didn’t seem to fit into; after all he was a successful attorney and his brother was as crooked as the day was long, where do you meet in the middle of that?

The anticipation of the conflicts that that little juxtaposition throws up are just delicious!

Balancing out the story, seeing as it is told from dual points of view, is Emily. Now call me dubious but I am reserving judgement on her, I don’t know why but I get the impression that there is something going on under the surface with her, I am sure that there are secrets lurking that I am definitely not going to like!

The connection between them was good but I think it was my sense of foreboding that had me holding back on committing to them completely, I think I was just waiting on the hammer to fall and for it all to shatter around them…did it?

Well, let’s just say that I am desperately awaiting the next book!!!

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