Tapping the Billionaire by Max Monroe

If you are looking for the perfect billionaire and let’s face it who isn’t, well ladies look no further because I thing Max Monroe has just delivered!

The glorious Kline Brooks is just fabulous; he is every inch the good guy. He is such a nice man that I wanted to wrap him up and keep him all for myself but a man this good needs to be shared I know that now, so have calmed myself and am now able to review the deliciousness that is Tapping the Billionaire.

Kline might have had more money than a small nation but he doesn’t make a huge deal of it, he is just him and I loved him, he was so affable that he brought a smile to my face.

Georgia was the ideal partner for Kline, she was the ying to his yang and with a wit and charm that completely complimented a man theta was totally smitten by her inner strength and attitude. The connection between the two of them was pitched perfectly, they really sparked off each other and the dynamic of their relationship was not only realistic but engaging.

I was glad to see that the author gave her a realism that encouraged her to express the things that many women keep contained. That allowed the self-doubts that we all share to peek above the parapet.

The book and main characters stood tall on their own but the author wasn’t done with just that she loaded and I do mean loaded the book with fabulous secondary characters. I adored both Kline and Georgia’s parents they were a super addition, so damn funny! And then there is Cassie, OMG I don’t even know where to start, she was brilliant and with Thatch I was in seventh heaven.

This is a wonderful read, one that I am delighted to say that I have recommended to numerous friends and family members and one that I have safely tucked away on my TBRA (To Be Read Again!!!) list!

Topic: Tapping the Billionaire by Max Monroe

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